The books of Paula Brackston

Paula's book are doing extremely well in America, but have not yet got the attention they deserve here. This will change very soon, I'm sure, not that Constable Robinson have taken her on. Witches, basically, with atmospheric historical backgrounds. Great stuff!

 I discovered 'Into the Darkest Corner' by Elizabeth Haynes soon after it came out, and was hugely impressed by it. I met her in Albany (Sept 2013) and was fascinbated to hear how her books are written. Now I'm eager to see the subsequent ones.

Just finishing 'My Dear, I Wanted to Tell You' by Louisa Young, which looks like chick lit, including the title, but is very much NOT. One of the most distressing pictures of World War One I can think of (other than 'All Quiet on the Western Front' which I shall never forget), and completely brilliant in showing the consequences of war for families and everyone back at home, unable to understand the realities of the fighting. A true masterpiece.