New Books


BETRAYAL IN THE COTSWOLDS. July 2022. Set in Lower Oddington near Stow-on-the-Wold. Thea is looking after a house and three dogs  in the main street of the small village. A relative of the house-owner is killed before Thea's eyes, and as she gets to know the other members of the family, they all appear sinister, suspicious and scary in one eway or another.

THE ASKHAM ACCUSATION sees Simmy and Christopher with a young baby, living in Hartsop. After the funeral of their builder friend Humphrey, Simmy finds herself accused of the murder of an old lady in Askham.

WENDY IN WARTIME is the story of my aunt and her quest for a new husband during the 1940s. It is all completely true, taken from diaries and letters. Some members of the family would perhaps rather it had not been brought into the daylight, but Wendy herself would almost certainly have welcomed this small contribution to preserving her memory. Copies can be obtained directly from Rebecca. Email me at