New Books

GUILT IN THE COTSWOLDS Hardback. Available spring 2016. The 14th in the Thea Osborne series, this one has our house-sitter in the little village of Chedworth, which boasts a Roman villa, extensive woodlands and a confusing layout. She is not strictly speaking, house-sitting this time, but sorting through an old lady's possessions, on behalf of her family. Drew Slocombe is planning to help her, but other pressures are giving him trouble. Someone is killed. Several people have reason to feel guilty about that and other things.

 THE HAWKSHEAD HOSTAGE. Hardback. Fifth in the Simmy Brown series. Published in June 2016. It's July and Simmy is getting to know the new assistant in her shop. Young Bonnie is connected with many local residents, and has a complex background. She is also in love with Ben Harkness. Melanie, Simmy's previous employee, is instrumental in finding her work as a supplier of flowers for a hotel in Hawkshead. But this well-intentioned act leads to disastrous results for Simmy, Bonnie and especially our beloved Ben.


Self-published eBook. The story of St Cuthman, who made his name by pushing his crippled mother in a handcart across Southern England. It is the 8th century AD, and there are many pagan religions still in operation, although in retreat from the Christian church. Accounts of Cuthman and his mother are very scrappy. The book is an imagined version of what might have happened.