Help with Manuscripts

Manuscript Doctoring Service

Let me improve your chances of getting your novel published. I have worked in publishing in a number of different capacities since the 1970s. I can help you shift your novel from an imperfect candidate for the slush pile to something that will at least be read with interest. I can also tell you honestly if you have produced something that really isn't ever going to make the grade. This point needs to be stressed, and fragile egos must be warned that they might well not like what I tell them. Hard experience has shown me that there is no benefit to be had from further discussion, once I have concluded that the work would never be publishable.

As an average, I charge £100 for a 2-3 page commentary, if I think the novel has promise. I can also make introductions where appropriate to editors and/or agents. If I decide I can't help, I would only charge £25 as a basic reading fee. This can vary according to how much subsequent work the author and I might undertake together.

Although my own genre is crime, I have worked with sagas, historicals, general fiction and thrillers. I can supply testimonials.

Contact me if you are interested.