About the Author

Rebecca Tope


Author of two major murder mystery series, featuring Thea Osborne, house sitter in the Cotswolds and Persimmon Brown, Lake District florist. Also "ghost writer" of the novels based on the ITV series Rosemary and Thyme. Seven earlier titles feature Drew Slocombe, undertaker (who turns up again in the Cotswolds) and Den Cooper, police officer.



New Books

Revenge in the Cotswolds.

Thea is house-sitting in the small village of Daglingworth, not far from Cirencester. She encounters a group of rural protesters, with a long list of grievances. When the body of one of them is found in the big local quarry, Thea is, as usual, drawn into the search for answers.

The Troutbeck Testimony 

Simmy and her father go for a Bank Holiday hike up Wansfell and find themselves at the centre of a complicated series of crimes involving dogs and their distraught owners. Simmy has a new assistant in her flower shop - Bonnie Lawson, who turns out to be quite a handful.


Guilt in the Cotswolds - March 2016

Set in Chedworth, where Thea and Drew find a dead man in a large barn. They find themselves torn between their own personal business and the urgent need to explain just how and why the death took place.

The Hawkshead Hostage - summer 2016

Melanie is working at a hotel on the edge of Hawkshead, and Simmy has been asked to provide regular floral displays. Bonnie is pining for Ben, who has been on a hiking trip with some mates. The weather turns fine, and the area is filled with visitors. Not all of them, however, are there simply for the Lakes and the sunshine.


The Indifference of Tumbleweed

A self-published ebook, available from all outlets, price £2.99 or thereabouts. This is the historical novel I wrote as a result of a trip across the western states, featuring Oregon Trail migrants of 1846. It is a coming-of-age story, primarily, and is the first of a trilogy.

ISBN 978 09559517 25

The Spoils of Sin

Sequel to 'The Indifference of Tumbleweed'. Available early July 2015. Two young girls set up as whores in a brothel in Chemeketa, which later became Salem, state capital of Oregon. The Gold Rush is about to begin, with all the confusion and unpredictability of sudden wealth.

ISBN 978 09559517 49



PRICE REDUCED TO £1.99. How can you go wrong, by giving it a try??

Another ebook, following good sales of the first. This is also the story of a journey, but this time in the eighth century AD. A young man, Cuthman, is called by God to travel across southern England, taking his mother with him in a hand cart, or wheelbarrow. They have many adventures, and there are stories within the story. Finally they arrive in the town of Steyning, which was then on the coast. Cuthman builds a church and Steyning is renamed St Cuthman's Port. The tale is told by his mother.

 ISBN 978 09559517 32 


Please have a look at this book - you can read several pages for free. It's a great favourite of mine.


Some Personal Stuff

I grew up on farms, first in Cheshire, then in Devon. It was a childhood full of powerful elemental experiences. Cruelty, death, frustration alternated with idyllic summer days, the teamwork of the harvest, the delight of the young animals. No two days were quite the same. Some of these memories have found their way into A Dirty Death, my first novel.

I now live in rural Herefordshire, on a smallholding situated close to the beautiful Black Mountains. I have Cotswold sheep and two dogs - the pigs I enjoyed so much are all gone now, leaving rather a gap. Their paddock is slowly being transformed into a wild garden, with trees, pond and lots of bamboo. 

I travel whenever possible, with France and Greece firm favourites. I give talks to libraries, groups and anyone else who might be interested.