A Dirty Death

When the unpopular Guy Beardon meets a very dirty death in his own farmyard, no one, even the vicar who officiates at his funeral, is prepared to mourn him - except his daughter, Lilah. She and her young policeman boyfriend suspect foul play but no one is eager to help the investigation.

Nobody much likes Guy Beardon, except his daughter Lilah. When she finds his body in the slurry pit, she is forced to reassess just who and what he was. Other deaths follow, and Lilah is befriended by Den Cooper, the police constable who is slowly convinced that Guy''s death was not an accident. I grew up on a dairy farm not unlike this one, in a remote Devon village.

Feedback on the book has been excellent. The second Den Cooper title is Death of a Friend, the third A Death to Record, and in The Sting of Death, he joins forces with Drew Slocombe, main character in my other early series.