Praxis Books

Since 1992, Rebecca has run Praxis Books, a small press mainly dedicated to the reissue of the novels of Sabine Baring-Gould. SBG was a great man, with a multitude of interests. Almost everything he did is relevant and inspiring today. His Appreciation Society (see Link below) is active and sociable. Annual gatherings in the autumn are always profoundly instructive and enjoyable. Praxis will also occasionally consider approaches from authors. The door is never completely closed, despite limited cash flow and unimpressive marketing performance…

Titles Available By Sabine Baring-Gould.


NEBO THE NAILER. Nail-making in the Midlands was a major industry from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Then industrialisation threw the hand-made nails into jeopardy. This is a novel that shows the transitions and social disruptions that ensued, centred on romantic entanglements between two very different classes. £6.50. Available direct from Praxis Books.

Margery of Quether and other Strange and Curious Tales  A collection of short stories, published in magazines during Baring-Gould's lifetime. They have a theme of 'vampire' activity - draining the life force of a victim in order to give nourishment to the 'monster'. Great stuff! ISBN 978 09559517 18 £6.00

John Herring. One of Baring-Gould''s most popular novels, this is a long book, full of quirky observations of Devon life in 1812. The characters are perhaps a bit less extreme than in some of the books. The story is one of unrequited love, betrayal and misunderstandings, with a pretty gloomy ending. £12.50 post free. Order by email.

Through Flood and Flame Baring-Gould’s first full length novel, written shortly after his marriage, telling the story of his early courtship of his young millgirl wife. Early copies of this novel are exceedingly hard to find, because the author did his best to suppress and destroy the work not long after it was published. He wrote it in a few weeks, in the tradition of a ‘novel of suspense’. A gem of great interest. ISBN 0 9528420 1 7 £8.50 

Several other titles also available. 'Red Spider', 'Mehalah' 'Court Royal', 'Bladys of the Stewponey' and 'Guavas the Tinner'. Email for further information.