New Books

PERIL IN THE COTSWOLDS Hardback. Available summer 2017. The 15th in the Thea Osborne series, this one has our house-sitter living with Drew, having married him a few months earlier, and trying to adjust to her role as stepmother and wife. When she finds a neighbour dead is horrible circumstances, she is uncomfortably drawn into a murder investigation right on the doorstep of her new home in Broad Campden. And that's very different from her time as a house-sitter, when she could simply walk away.

 THE BOWNESS BEQUEST. Hardback. sixth in the Simmy Brown series. Published in mid-2017. Simmy meets up with a man she has known literally all her life. They were born in the same hospital on the same day. Christopher Hendersaon is an auctioneer now, and when his father is killed, Simmy finds herself plunged into renewed involvement with the whole Henderson family.


Self-published eBook. The story of St Cuthman, who made his name by pushing his crippled mother in a handcart across Southern England. It is the 8th century AD, and there are many pagan religions still in operation, although in retreat from the Christian church. Accounts of Cuthman and his mother are very scrappy. The book is an imagined version of what might have happened.